Thursday, May 30, 2013

CHICKEN (and some other cool stuff)

Happy Friday Eve!

So I know everyone was dying to know if I got some of the chicken **drool** or not?

*drum roll*


It was pre-eety amazing too. Not like the time at my old daycare when I broke into the food bucket and went to town, but pretty good. (Yes, that happened. If I said I wasn't proud of it, I'd be lying) Now I just have to formulate a new plan for this to happen all the time. I'm pretty sure I earn it with my cuteness alone.

That brings me to our next topic.

I am a super lucky pug this week because not only did I get chicken but I'm also the STAM dog of the week! Check this out:
Yep, that's MY giant face on their Facebook page. I told mom that I should always be the dog of the week and she told me I need to learn to share and be less of  a 'diva pug'. I have never really understood the word 'share' but it doesn't sound very fun, like, at all.

Anyway, these STAM peeps are pretty awesome for putting my face on there, even if it's only for a week. They are SUPER tasty and healthy for dogs and mom said she is buying me some more soon. You should all click on their name up there and check out their site too!

The most important thing of all, tomorrow is FRIDAY. Raise your paw if you think mom should take me to the dog park this weekend! We aaaalways have adventures there!

Pug Hugs!



  1. Hey Hugo! Maybe Mom will take me too and I can watch YOU run around.


    1. I'd love too! Lets cross our paws it's not raining though, I need to get some zoomies out!