Saturday, June 1, 2013

DO try this at home

Mom and I come across a lot of pugs that don't seem to have a sassy bone in their body. They just sit there like angelic little creatures while people 'ooh' and 'aww' over them. (Scoutie, I'm looking at you!) My theory is they are just hiding their secret sassy ways to get copious amounts of pets and treats all day long because I just don't see how they hold it in! I can't help but let my sassy flag fly all day long!

Here is one sassy thing I do to mom almost every day. Peyton is a giant camel dog and likes to drink all my water before I can get to it so I have to alert mom in a loud and very Hugo like way. I have created a step by step program so you can recreate this at home:

1. Flip your bowl over and scoot it towards your human.
2 & 3. When your human ignores you because apparently she has better things to do *cough* mom! *cough* flip that bowl again. Try to pick the bowl up with your teeth while standing inside of the bowl so you can't really pick it up - but you try anyway.
4. Sassy bark your head off.
5. Give her the innocent eyes and she will probably stop doing whatever it is that is apparently more important than her adorable pug. If this doesn't work, repeat step four.
6. Enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor!

If your human is especially slow, increase the volume of your sassy bark. It works like a charm.

Pug Hugs!



  1. Hi Hugo. I think my sassy comes out in other ways! It never occurred to me to do anything with my bowl except lay down and growl at it. I'll bet flipping it over might get me faster results :)


    1. Yes, you should totally try it! You have to make sure to try to pick it up while standing inside of it and growling, that is my signature move! ;)

  2. Hugo, my two girls were always doing this since each has her own preferred 'drink all the water time'. They talked us into putting down two water bowls so they each have a drinking spot.

  3. Welcome to blogging, Hugo! All three of us are sassy. Isabelle carries on when it's time to eat. She's deaf so she can't hear mom saying Shh! Don't think she'd listen even if she could though.
    Can't wait to hear more about you!

  4. Cute dog! Can you email me when you get the opportunity? I've got some questions about Hugo.