Monday, May 27, 2013

A whole new world...

As far as moms go, mine is pretty good. She lets me wear my sassy pants, takes me on walks, gives me treats, etc. I only have one complaint about her, one very big complaint. She doesn't eat meat.

It's not like she can't find it or something, she CHOOSES not to eat it. If it were up to me that's all I would do all day, but whatever. You would think this wouldn't affect me, but it totally does. See, when your mom doesn't eat meat, there are no meat pieces that just MIGHT fall to the ground while she is cooking. Sure, I get "meat" in my Nutrisca dog food but that meat doesn't look like meat. It looks like kibbles that used to be meat.

Check out blurry internet dog here:

Blurry internet dog looks extremely underwhelmed because his meat looks like kibbles and he knows it. He might also be upset because whoever did his manicure did a horrible job and missed about half of his toes. My bet is on the meat situation though.

Everything changed today though. Today dad brought home three big hunks of chicken and I have never smelled anything so amazing. Meat that looks like meat is my new favorite thing. As we speak I am watching it cook, waiting to get a big chunk all to myself. (None of this 'sharing' business, this is REAL meat we are talking about here).  I will let you guys know soon how the situation goes down. 



  1. Hugo, I hope your dreams of eating un-kibblized meat come true. Maybe your mom is toying with a homemade diet for you, hence the chicken? I eat meat but I think it's bad. I didn't eat meat for 12 years and felt really happy about it.

    Can't wait to hear what happened!


    1. Hi Tamara & Rupert!

      Oh, that would be AWESOME! I think this is dads food but I am pretty hopeful he will share. He goes not eating meat awhile but then comes home smelling like chicken for several days in a row. He says he 'falls off the wagon'. I don't know where this wagon is but there must be a lot of chickens there to eat!

  2. Hugo, you are too cute. Hey just cuz mom don't eat meat, doesn't mean you can't eat meat right!! Shhhh, mom can't hear too well but my nails are tapping on her new keyboard!! I better watch that I don't scratch it!! So tell me, How was the chicken!!!