Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is only the beginning....

Hi all!

It's official, I have entered the blogging world.

I made a list of reasons for mom of why I am entitled to a blog and either she agreed or got tired of ignoring my requests because here I am. I decided maybe I should share these with you also. Here goes:

1. I'm a pug (that should be reason enough, right??)

2. I have white paws which makes me naturally interesting.

3. I feel like sometimes people think pugs are lazy but we are really just so full of thoughts and ideas that we look like we aren't doing anything. Totally not true. We are busy coming up with brand spanking new ideas and revelations while we are laying motionless on the couch for hours at a time. I want to prove pugs are NOT lazy.

4. Sometimes when I meet people I am SO excited I just jump all over them and I feel like people don't get to know the REAL me. I want you all to know the real Hugo!

5. Bacon.

6. Sorry, number five wasn't a reason. I just like bacon.

7. Number six wasn't a reason either. This list is falling apart.

Okay, so reasons 1-4 are pretty valid in my opinion and it got me here, talking to YOU folks. I am pretty excited. Feel free to post comments and questions also. I'm here to entertain!

Signing off for now, I feel a nap calling my name.

Pug hugs,



  1. I agree with you Hugo!! This is Pugi!! HI!!! We are far from lazy!! I love to swim, meet new friends and well we just ROCK!! I hope your blog goes well (gives me a shot at getting my mom to start one) haha. Love you and your momma!!

    1. Oh Hugo, don't tell my mom that I logged into her Gmail haha

    2. So glad you read my post! Make sure to enter your email up there on the right so you don't miss any! Don't worry Pugi, your secret is safe with me!

  2. I (and my 3 Pugs, 2 Pug mixes, and 1 miniature Doxy) think you're off to a great start! Keep up the good work!

  3. Helloooo. Hugo? Where have you gone?