Sunday, June 9, 2013

And the gold medal goes to...Hugo?

I have an idea but it's a little...far fetched. Just hear me out.

I think I have a pretty good shot at qualifying for the next Olympic games. I'm not sure which sport I should play though, so I need some help with that. Is there an event that just requires speed, agility, and good looks? Because I could totally gold medal in that! I have began my training even though I'm pretty sure dogs aren't allowed to participate. I am hoping after they see how fast and shockingly good looking I am, they will make an exception? Maybe I could start a petition, I don't know. Okay so let me know what you think of my training so far....

I am usually super great at fetch but I got distracted toward the last part of the fetching process. We will have to work on that. 

Here I am working on my upper body strength!

What's everyone think? Am I the next gold medalist? What event should I try out for?

Pug Hugs,


Saturday, June 1, 2013

DO try this at home

Mom and I come across a lot of pugs that don't seem to have a sassy bone in their body. They just sit there like angelic little creatures while people 'ooh' and 'aww' over them. (Scoutie, I'm looking at you!) My theory is they are just hiding their secret sassy ways to get copious amounts of pets and treats all day long because I just don't see how they hold it in! I can't help but let my sassy flag fly all day long!

Here is one sassy thing I do to mom almost every day. Peyton is a giant camel dog and likes to drink all my water before I can get to it so I have to alert mom in a loud and very Hugo like way. I have created a step by step program so you can recreate this at home:

1. Flip your bowl over and scoot it towards your human.
2 & 3. When your human ignores you because apparently she has better things to do *cough* mom! *cough* flip that bowl again. Try to pick the bowl up with your teeth while standing inside of the bowl so you can't really pick it up - but you try anyway.
4. Sassy bark your head off.
5. Give her the innocent eyes and she will probably stop doing whatever it is that is apparently more important than her adorable pug. If this doesn't work, repeat step four.
6. Enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor!

If your human is especially slow, increase the volume of your sassy bark. It works like a charm.

Pug Hugs!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

CHICKEN (and some other cool stuff)

Happy Friday Eve!

So I know everyone was dying to know if I got some of the chicken **drool** or not?

*drum roll*


It was pre-eety amazing too. Not like the time at my old daycare when I broke into the food bucket and went to town, but pretty good. (Yes, that happened. If I said I wasn't proud of it, I'd be lying) Now I just have to formulate a new plan for this to happen all the time. I'm pretty sure I earn it with my cuteness alone.

That brings me to our next topic.

I am a super lucky pug this week because not only did I get chicken but I'm also the STAM dog of the week! Check this out:
Yep, that's MY giant face on their Facebook page. I told mom that I should always be the dog of the week and she told me I need to learn to share and be less of  a 'diva pug'. I have never really understood the word 'share' but it doesn't sound very fun, like, at all.

Anyway, these STAM peeps are pretty awesome for putting my face on there, even if it's only for a week. They are SUPER tasty and healthy for dogs and mom said she is buying me some more soon. You should all click on their name up there and check out their site too!

The most important thing of all, tomorrow is FRIDAY. Raise your paw if you think mom should take me to the dog park this weekend! We aaaalways have adventures there!

Pug Hugs!


Monday, May 27, 2013

A whole new world...

As far as moms go, mine is pretty good. She lets me wear my sassy pants, takes me on walks, gives me treats, etc. I only have one complaint about her, one very big complaint. She doesn't eat meat.

It's not like she can't find it or something, she CHOOSES not to eat it. If it were up to me that's all I would do all day, but whatever. You would think this wouldn't affect me, but it totally does. See, when your mom doesn't eat meat, there are no meat pieces that just MIGHT fall to the ground while she is cooking. Sure, I get "meat" in my Nutrisca dog food but that meat doesn't look like meat. It looks like kibbles that used to be meat.

Check out blurry internet dog here:

Blurry internet dog looks extremely underwhelmed because his meat looks like kibbles and he knows it. He might also be upset because whoever did his manicure did a horrible job and missed about half of his toes. My bet is on the meat situation though.

Everything changed today though. Today dad brought home three big hunks of chicken and I have never smelled anything so amazing. Meat that looks like meat is my new favorite thing. As we speak I am watching it cook, waiting to get a big chunk all to myself. (None of this 'sharing' business, this is REAL meat we are talking about here).  I will let you guys know soon how the situation goes down. 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is only the beginning....

Hi all!

It's official, I have entered the blogging world.

I made a list of reasons for mom of why I am entitled to a blog and either she agreed or got tired of ignoring my requests because here I am. I decided maybe I should share these with you also. Here goes:

1. I'm a pug (that should be reason enough, right??)

2. I have white paws which makes me naturally interesting.

3. I feel like sometimes people think pugs are lazy but we are really just so full of thoughts and ideas that we look like we aren't doing anything. Totally not true. We are busy coming up with brand spanking new ideas and revelations while we are laying motionless on the couch for hours at a time. I want to prove pugs are NOT lazy.

4. Sometimes when I meet people I am SO excited I just jump all over them and I feel like people don't get to know the REAL me. I want you all to know the real Hugo!

5. Bacon.

6. Sorry, number five wasn't a reason. I just like bacon.

7. Number six wasn't a reason either. This list is falling apart.

Okay, so reasons 1-4 are pretty valid in my opinion and it got me here, talking to YOU folks. I am pretty excited. Feel free to post comments and questions also. I'm here to entertain!

Signing off for now, I feel a nap calling my name.

Pug hugs,